Noise Music Resource Directory


  • AddictiveNoize
    News, events, reviews and interviews related to IDM, industrial and other kinds of electronic music.
  • Aether Everywhere
    A music and culture resource dedicated to drone, ambient, sound collage, field recordings, heavy psych, noise and all the points where they intersect.
  • angbase
    This is an archive of the angbase noise zine articles and interviews published 1997 - 2002.
  • Ars Morta
    One of the first independent organizations formed to bring avantgarde electronic and industrial music to the Czech Republic.
  • Aural Pressure
    The latest events, reviews, gigs, links etc. in the industrial, dark electronic and related scenes thoughout the UK and Europe, with a special focus on events in London.
  • Blood Ties WebZine
    Noise music reviews, interviews and scene information.
  • Chain D.L.K.
    An extension of the Chain D.L.K. music portal that contains news, reviews and interviews.
  • Funprox
    The main theme of this website was underground music, usually of a darker nature. Music reviews formed the most important part of the site, and various guest contributors helped to keep this section varied and up-to-date. It closed down in 2007, but the archive is still available.
    Information, pictures and reviews of musical equipment that might appeal to musicians who don't play common styles of music... like noise!
  • Incursion
    Reviews and writings on new music as well as exhibits of visual art, sound projects and narratives. Updated monthly.
  • Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys
    Finnish webzine and events organizers.
  • Música industrial
    A Spanish blog about industrial, noise and experimental music.
  • Re:automation
    A webzine for experimental music (noise, IDM, glitch, dark ambient, electronica, powernoise, power electronics, post-rock, metal, hip-hop, glitch).
  • Seven
    Lots of album reviews.
  • [walnut + locust]
    Interviews, reviews and more — not limited to [walnut + locust] netlabel releases and artists.
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