Noise Music Resource Directory


  • 813 Noise Collective
    Discussions about noise, gear, shows, classifieds and more.
  • Chain D.L.K. forums
    A whole bunch of forums dedicated to a variety of music and unrelated topics. Not exclusively for noise, but still worth investigating.
  • Extreme Noise
    International underground network of extreme noise. Campaign for musical destruction continues.
  • Heathen Hideout
    Illuminating the post industrial underground.
  • i hate music
    Noise music and more.
  • iheartnoise forum
    Active discussion forum centered around the noise scene. Includes regional sections as well as general purpose forums.
  • Noiseboard433
    A bulletin board with moderated and unmoderated forums exclusively dedicated to noise. [inactive when last tested]
  • NoiseGuide forum
    Sections for noise music, gear, movies and miscellaneous.
  • Operation Tinnitus
    An online community for noise/industrial musicians.
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