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About the noise directory

The noise music links directory is a growing collection of links to noise artists, noise labels, and resources related to the broader noise music genre.

The term "noise," for the purpose of this information base, implies compositions created with unusual and/or unconventional sounds, as well as compositions created with conventional sounds applied in unusual and/or unconventional ways.

The directory includes artists and labels that produce heavy industrial, power electronics, rhythmic noise, harsh noise, noisecore, breakcore, mash-ups, glitch, IDM, illbient, dark ambient, death industrial, drone, atmospheric soundscapes, abrasive textures, distorted rhythms, feedback manipulation and/or various other contemporary and avante garde styles.

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About the information listed

Personal names are listed alphabetically by the first name of the artist. Dirk Ivens would, for example, be listed under D. This is done to avoid confusion, since some groups (like Yrrwe Zsuzyrrwe and Marita Schreck) have names that appear to be personal names, yet are not.

The article "the," as the first word of a group's name, is ignored. The Rorschach Garden would, for example, be listed under R. This is done to avoid confusion since the article is often inconsistently used and omitted, sometimes even on official material.

Some of the links listed are currently inactive, yet the domains are still registered to the particular artists or labels. This ownership implies that there is a possibility that these sites are merely under reconstruction and will become available again in future. Ownership can be determined with a simple whois lookup.

The ISO 3166 alpha-2 country codes are used to indicate artists' countries of origin. These codes can be referenced against this complete list of ISO 3166 alpha-2 country codes.


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There are many forms of support — it could be a contribution that helps to expand the site, a link to it, or merely word of mouth advertising. Everything helps (in different ways).

This information base is far from complete. All contributions are welcome. New links can be submitted with the link submission form.

I also appreciate any donations to support the development, maintenance and hosting of this site.


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